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" The Staff of Serapis" – When Aech has his/her fancy tickled by a ghostly girl, she asks “am I being punked?” This reference the awful Ashton Kutcher/MTV series, Punk’d (2003-2007).


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– Upon discovering the Copper Key, Anorak/Halliday refers to Z as “padawan.” This is a nod to how Jedi refer to apprentices in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. See George, at least Steven isn’t ignoring them! F1


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5. "There Are Worse Games to Play/Deep in the Meadow/The Hunger Games Suite" (featuring Jennifer Lawrence)


Kronos' Scythe is Kronos' symbol of power. It was gifted to him by his mother Gaea to dethrone his father, Ouranos. His own son, Zeus later used it to cut Kronos into one thousand pieces and banish the remains to Tartarus. It was later wielded by Luke Castellan in the form of Luke's sword known as Backbiter, a weapon made of steel and Celestial Bronze. • Reading


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• Big: In Wade's real world hideout, a list of movies on his wall includes Big. “Because you’re just alike,” mutters Peeta.


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Video: YouTube zijn vastgesteld en dus niet zoals bij een ePub bestand soepel aan te passen bij het veranderen van de lettergrootte. De uitgever heeft ervoor gekozen om


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• Movies In a review for RogerEbert.com, Brian Tallerico wrote that the film's "overwhelming" nature and non-stop action will likely thrill fans of pop culture; while he observed narrative weaknesses, such as a lack of depth among the supporting characters, he felt that they ultimately do not hinder the film from working "on the level of technical, blockbuster mastery that Spielberg helped define". [89] Writing for Variety, Owen Gleiberman called the film a "coruscating explosion of pop-culture eye candy", and found the sequence based on The Shining to be "irresistible". However, he also criticized Spielberg's dichotomization of fantasy and reality, as well as the film having "more activity than it does layers". [90] IndieWire 's Eric Kohn characterized the film as "an astonishing sci-fi spectacle and a relentless nostalgia trip at once" and praised both the sequence based on The Shining as well as Penn's screenplay, particularly with respect to Mendelsohn's character. Nevertheless, he remarked that the film "drags a bunch in its final third". [91]


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• In this book, Percy refers to other gods, or other gods refer to him by family names. Hades was repeatedly called uncle, Poseidon refers to Zeus as Percy's uncle, and Ares calls Percy his cousin. This, however, is not continued in the rest of the books, as Poseidon is the only god Percy refers to with a family name (calling him his father or dad). Fashion


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With a yelp, I dodged and felt talons slash the air next to my ear. I snatched the ballpoint pen out of the air, but when it hit my hand, it wasn’t a pen any more. It was a sword – Mr Brunner’s bronze sword, which he always used on tournament day. I believe you can tell the author's passion from what he's written, and it is clear from this book that Ernest Cline is a fellow gamer and geek. I salute him. His ardor for games is so clearly felt within this book. A fellow fangirl/fanboy can sniff out a fake one like a dead fish within a Bath and Body Works (ok, that may be a bad example, but you catch my drift). Ernest Cline is a real-deal fanboy. I salute you, sir.


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I know that a lot of people would disagree but, to me, this guy is Peeta. • The BFG (2016)


• Aside from each other, they had a best friend who performs more comic relief than they do ( Grover Underwood, Leo Valdez) • Sesame Street: A Cookie Monster Cookie Jar can be seen on the table in Aech's apartment when Wade tries on the Purple Rain outfit.


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6. Why does the Capitol hold the Hunger


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This will come as no surprise to fans of the challenging, surprisingly provocative book upon which it's based, but the movie doesn't offer up easy closure or answers at any time. It's not a deeply subtle film or anything — every action is carried out in the boldest of strokes and then lit on fire — but it does have more on its mind than bringing the story to a rousing conclusion. In some ways, Mockingjay — Part 2 is a teenage primer on the cyclical nature of oppression and the way power keeps feeding said oppression. According to Annabeth, Percy is obtuse, meaning he doesn't always see the obvious even when it is right in front of him, such as people's feelings and what they are trying to say indirectly. He has romantic feelings for Annabeth over the course of the series, but he finally confirms them in The Last Olympian. Despite this he is perceptive when he needs to be, Percy could tell that Gaea wanted to keep him alive and gambled his life knowing that he was too valuable to Gaea for him to die at that time.


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(2018) Dystopia doesn't always have to be grim, and Death Race 2000 manages to deliver action and comedy within the confines of a society entertained by morbid brutality. David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone play blood thirsty drivers who score points for mowing down innocent pedestrians. It's basically Grand Theft Auto amped up to the next level.


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But one thing’s for sure, all of us are secretly hoping that Logan Lerman would somehow return in this series.


6 • ^ a b Collins (2010), p. 223.


• Hermes' multivitamins can make the person who ate it to be immune to nearly any attack. Annabeth used them in the Sea of Monsters to turn Percy back into a human after Circe turned him into a guinea pig. In The Blood of Olympus, when Piper used her charmspeak to its full potential, Leo observed that her smile was "so warm it would've melted the Boreads".


I feel like my previous reviews pretty much sum up my thoughts so I’ll just leave it at that haha, anyway my older reviews of it are below.


(certificate #51421) * LotF has much more depth and symbolism: it tackles original sin; the mystical "Beast"; leadership, tribal allegiance and group dynamics (including bullying and attitudes to difference and minor disability) and the importance of ritual and belief.


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According to reports, the UPMSP had employed 79064 teachers for the evaluation of answer sheets of High School studdents. Similarly, a total of 45732 teachers were involved in the evaluation of answer sheets for intermediate students. What handicap does the male tribute from District 10 have?


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Twitter • ^ Setoodeh, Ramin (May 18, 2014). "CANNES: Jennifer Lawrence Dances and Sings at 'Hunger Games' Party". Variety . Retrieved August 27, 2014.




• Rachel Elizabeth Dare: Even though Percy is not known to love Rachel, it is known that she likes him. Percy was unsure about having a crush on Rachel and never truly admits it. His feelings were mixed mainly because of his feelings towards Annabeth. In time, his growing feelings for Annabeth stopped him from ever developing a relationship with Rachel. In The Last Olympian, Rachel kisses Percy in Paul's Prius right before he sets off to the Princess Andromeda, where it was very likely he could have died. On Olympus, Rachel tells Percy that he was just a distraction for her. She tells him that they can never be together because she took on the spirit of the oracle, restricting her from dating. Percy thinks of this as Rachel "dumping" him but takes it very lightly and says he intends to continue to be friends with her. The name for this potential relationship is commonly known as perachel( per- ray- ch- elle) I supplied the link on my posts because I wanted to make that very clear: I am a teacher, I teach this series at my high school, I share my resources with my fellow teachers. In all of my posts here you can click on my name or link to see my website.


• ^ Kit, Borys (January 6, 2016). "Ben Mendelsohn Eyed for Villain Role in Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' (Exclusive)". The Hollywood Reporter. Prometheus Global Media. Archived from the original on January 9, 2016 . Retrieved January 7, 2016.